Tuesday, 24 May 2011

石巻支援アップデート  #Ishinomaki mission update









Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I got to write everyday because something completely new happens. Regarding medicine and vitamin supplements - it's so hard to sort out. With a friend's help I checked with chain drug stores. You can't get medicine without the help of pharmacists. That was the answer. I understand that thinking.

A friend had a connection to Zenyaku Kogyo. It was difficult, but they are happy to support with non-prescription things like lotions and creams. They will prepare a variety boxes of goods. I'm happy to hear this. I reported the good news to Ishinomaki mothers, they were so excited.

An acquaintance contacted the Japan Dietetic Association, if everything goes according to plan, the dietitians will be able to hand the supplements in person to the people in need.

Another friend is preparing homemade aroma therapy cream. She showed some samples to me. It was a wonderful fragrance. These are also good gifts that should please the people of Ishinomaki. I thank her. BTW, I used the word "gifts". I'm a bit tired of using the phrase "relief goods".

Nakamura Dentistry of Abiko have sent five dentists and five assistants to Ishinomaki. They have visited Kesennuma, Sendai and Fukushima. Ishinomaki was completely different compared to the others.

Through a local volunteer teacher we asked if anyone wanted to see a dentist. But only five said yes. Why is that?

I heard lots of relief goods are piling up in Ishinomaki city. We are trying to get those goods to the survivors in homes. If they don't need those boxes, please release them to those who do.

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