Thursday, 5 May 2011

石巻支援のはじまり How it all began













I got involved in this after hearing from my neighbour who said her PE instructor friend was from Miyagi, and could I do something to support children in Ishinomaki? That's how this all began.

Primary school nurses in Miyagi had set up a voluntary support group and they gave us a list of what they needed for tsunami survivors. So I invited my friends, mothers from my daughters' kindergarten and primary school, my English school students, neighbours, and friends on Mixi to donate goods. Wow, we received so much stuff.

Dozens of mothers helped me sort children's clothes into sizes. I couldn't have done it without their help. Through my friends, I met a former Kashiwa city councillor, Mr Suenaga. He gave us 400 emergency food packs and 50 brand new sweatsuits.

Then, I had to know where our support was going, and who would benefit from it. Everybody involved felt this too, so I promised everyone that I would deliver this stuff to the people who really needed it. In person.

Then, thoughout the day of our departure (May 2nd) I got cakes and cookies from 11 mothers. The sweets were made with so much love, I couldn't stop myself from crying.

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