Tuesday, 10 May 2011

bikes for japan が協力してくれる




I've spoken to staff members of Bikes for Japan. Sounds like we can cooperate together and bring some bikes to Ishinoimaki. Details to be confirmed.

First of all, please look at their website. They have nearly run out of donations, so they are paying truck rental fees and petrol expenses out of their own pockets. Please support them so they can continue their great work for a long time.


  1. That's great that you'll be able to work with them on this! But, will Abiko City and/or Ishinomaki City allow the bicycles to be delivered to/by Bikes For Japan? Or are you not going to use the bikes from Abiko any more?

  2. Kenn,
    You know what's like to deal with city halls....
    When I went to Abiko city hall to confirm the delivery date, they said they hadn't received any request from Ishinomaki at all.
    SO, I asked one of the politician who has his office right at the Tennoudai station to double check what's going on. We'll see what.
    Hey! Thanks for your suggestion. Bikesforjapan is great and much MUCH quicker.

  3. That was Kevin's suggestion, and a very good one. I'm not Kevin, though. (^_^)