Monday, 13 June 2011

Ishinomaki Three Months After

The locals say things are getting much better. I'll take their word for it, having spent less than a day in the tsunami-ravaged city. All I can say is, there is more to be done. By the way, this is the third of four videos about Ishinomaki, and I promise the next one will be more upbeat, you know with a positive message and a happy ending. Maybe.

Picture by Sophie Knight

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  1. Thank you. I want to share

    and perhaps

    Night in Kalapa

    This time it happened—
    Caught in a thunderstorm,
    Spun and twirled,
    I was caught off guard.
    This whirlwind took my heart.

    I needed everything to fall apart
    Like feathers from a pillow
    Tossed high into the sky.
    Everything comes falling down,
    Gliding on a breeze caught in its own time—
    Energy that can't be measured.

    Comet shoots across my existence.
    This wonderful force does not know where it will go.
    I need things to fall apart,
    I want things to fall apart.
    All through time, all through the day
    I have held on and held on tight.
    Now everything falls apart.

    The sun and the moon know how to fall apart.
    Spring knows how to be summer
    Autumn leaves know how to fall down.
    Can I be like the seasons
    And know that falling apart
    Is the movement of time,
    The movement of life?

    I have not given up,
    I have simply woken up.
    This wild burst of energy
    Wants to twirl and spin,
    It wants mayhem.

    I am mayhem—
    Claustrophobia self-liberated,
    Hesitation with a friend called fathomlessness.
    I am that smile that shines across the sky.
    If you look up, you will see me
    And fall apart.

    3 March 2001
    Halifax, Nova Scotia