Monday, 31 December 2012

Mission accomplished!








Many thanks to all who supported freetohoku. We have accomplished our mission "Abiko Home Stay Program". On the 23rd of December two high school kids, from Iwate and Sendai spent one week with us. We established a strong bond as a family, we want to support them until they are independent adults.

During their stay, we had a Christmas welcome party in Abiko, then spent Christmas in a ski resort in Echigo-Usawa, Niigata Prefecture. They did some Tokyo sightseeing with a Belgian-Japanese family and went to Disney Sea, went to the movies and sang karaoke. We kept them busy every minute!

We want Tohoku kids who suffered a lot to take their first steps towards their own dreams. We hope that we can set them off on that journey so that they are strong enough to be able to help other kids to take their first steps too. This is the reason for us to welcome kids to Abiko.

You are not alone, we are always thinking of you and we can do our best together. This is the message we tried to send to the children, we think they got the message loud and clear, judging by the thank you letters they left for everyone who has supported freetohoku.

A friend's family drove them back home, we really appreciate it.

There are many ways to support people in Tohoku, but we believe if we can contribute even just a little to help the children have their own dreams and hopes and that they are not afraid to try, then we have succeeded in our efforts. The most important thing is to continue until they have become independent. We really felt that through this program.

Again, thank you so much for your support. The kids had smiles on their faces thanks to you.

Our Man and Woman in Abiko

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