Saturday, 13 August 2011

Irish school donates to help Ishinomaki

We are delighted to announce that the staff and students at Ballon National School in County Carlow, Ireland, have raised ¥62,500 and donated it to Our Woman in Abiko to spend on relief efforts.

The whole point of Free Tohoku is to be an advocate for the survivors of the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. So it's pleasing when folk from the other side of the world want to add their voices and support for this effort.

It's particularly pleasing to know the money was raised by schoolchildren themselves to help people they have never met. Rest assured that every last penny will be spent on the children of Ishinomaki. We are planning to hold a children's fair on September 18th, and the money will come in very handy for buying toys, food and school supplies that will directly benefit children who have suffered so much.

And thanks to Colm and Tomomi McElwee who recommended us as a good home for the cash. We won't let you down. And we'll take lots of pictures so the children in Ireland can see what difference they have made to kids here.

Thank you.

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